Technology Led Manufacturing

Our end to end lean manufacturing process flows with accuracy and efficiency from concept all the way through to distribution. Our combined use of technology and expertise delivers significant savings to you at every stage of the process without compromising on quality.

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Improving product performance and reducing costs

With our state of the art automation centres coupled with our skilled workforce we achieve faster cycle times, greater efficiency and repeatability , consistently delivering you significant savings :

  • Set-up costs are kept to a minimum helping to reduce overall production costs.
  • Robots work longer and faster, providing quicker turnaround times, even on large volume production runs.
  • Improved quality with consistent and reliable products produced to the same specification every time.
  • The high level of accuracy achieved reduces raw material waste and production costs.


Simulation & 3D Modelling

Rapidly increases production time and ensures 100% accuracy saving you time money and resource


Precision forging capability


Over 5 million components machined in our fully equipped machining centres

Quality Control

Whatever you need we have the flexibility to meet your specific quality control requirements


We work how you work whatever your requirements

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