Why Us

Cerro EMS is the largest producer of commercial non-ferrous forgings and machined components in the UK. Based in Birmingham and exporting to customers on 4 continents we have unrivalled expertise in forging and machining.  

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Expert Design and Engineering Team

Improving product performance and reducing costs

The knowledge and expertise of our design and engineering team allows us to design, manufacture and deliver superior products. Utilizing the very latest in simulation, 3D modelling and automation technology our expert team advise on design improvements to speed up product production and reduce material content. Our global customer base, spanning across multiple industries, have benefitted from our expertise in detailed design modifications improving product performance and reducing costs by continuous long term investment.


Our History

200 years of engineering excellence

Worldwide Distribution

Exporting to customers on 4 continents

Who We Work With

Customers for over 20 years across a multitude of industries

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