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Improving product performance and reducing costs

With our extensive range of forging equipment and over 20 presses of various types in operation we have the capability to produce solid and cored forgings.

The presses vary from high volume Hatebur and Hydromec equipment to semi-automatic and manually operated presses up to 1400t capability.

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Worldwide Distribution

Cerro EMS is the largest producer of commercial non-ferrous forgings and machined components in the UK. Based in Birmingham and exporting to customers on four continents we have unrivalled expertise in forging and machining.


Working in partnership with our customers is critical to our success. This focus has aided Cerro EMS to build a strong client base, many of whom have been customers for over 20 years, across a multitude of industries and sectors including: gas utilities, electrical, welding, security, health care, automotive, marine, defence, hydraulic, amongst others.


We have been at the forefront of engineering excellence for almost 200 years, we are the largest producer of commercial non-ferrous forgings and machined components in the United Kingdom.

Design Capabilities

The knowledge and expertise of our design and engineering team allows us to design, manufacture and deliver superior products. Utilising the very latest in simulation, 3D modelling and automation technology our expert team advise on design improvements to speed up product production and reduce material content.

Design Engineers

Delivering efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness as standard.

We prioritise processes, optimise material performance, and accommodate for complex geometries, therefore ensuring tight tolerances.

If you need high-quality, intricately shaped components which minimise production costs and adhere to stringent quality standards speak to us today.

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Procurement Professionals

Our top priorities are delivering efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.

Using high-quality materials and advanced forging processes, we ensure optimal value for your investment.

We offer collaborative relationships with suppliers that embrace innovation, offer competitive pricing and deliver peace of mind regarding availability. We are passionate about providing successful procurement strategies in the non-ferrous forging industry.

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