With our state of the art automation centres coupled with our skilled workforce we achieve faster cycle times, greater efficiency and repeatability , consistently delivering you significant savings.In addition we offer a fully assembled service to our customers. We specialise in offering our customers an OEM valve manufacturing and assembly service including fully tested and approved to a customers requirements including WRAS, NSF, KITEMARK and CE.


Improving product performance and reducing costs

Our integrated approach prioritises accuracy and efficiency at every stage.

Technological Expertise
The synergy between advanced technology and seasoned expertise defines our methodology. This powerful combination not only meets industry standards but surpasses them, enabling us to deliver precise and efficient results. More importantly, it is the backbone of substantial savings throughout the entire process, proving that cost-efficiency can coexist with uncompromising quality.

Each step in our manufacturing process is optimised to reduce waste and enhance overall efficiency, ensuring that our clients experience the benefits of superior quality and significant cost savings without compromise.

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The Cerro EMS Assembling Process

Low Set-Up Costs

We strive to minimise set-up costs, meaning our clients can confidently expect high-quality, precision machining without the burden of unnecessary financial overheads. We can offer a fully assembled product, giving the customer the flexibility of OEM manufacturing.

Quick Turnaround

Automation means we can work longer and faster, providing quicker turnaround times, even on large volume production runs. Ability to supply off the shelf solutions that are flexible to meet customer requirements.

Consistent Quality

Elevate quality standards with consistently reliable products crafted to the same precise specifications every time, ensuring unwavering excellence.


Attaining a high level of accuracy significantly diminishes raw material waste and lowers production costs, optimising efficiency in the manufacturing process.

3D Printing & Simulation

Simulation and 3D modelling helps us to work with you to optimise your designs right at the start of the engineering process.

We can predict product behaviour, test innovative concepts, and validate products to better understand the implications of your design choices, all before manufacturing begins – saving you time, money and resource.

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