Our impressive range of CNC machines including robot fed Riellos and a Vertiflex machining centre, amongst others, provides the capability for three, four and five axis machining. Helping us to consistently deliver high quality, cost effective products for you.Our range of CNC machines allows us to cater for low to high volume production runs in varying degrees of complexity. Specialising in Machining of non-ferrous forgings from our in-house forge shop or free issue parts from our customer.


Precision Perfected: Seamless Forging and Machining Excellence

We take pride in offering a comprehensive spectrum of services—ranging from providing proofs to delivering fully machined forgings, all tailored to meet our customers’ exact specifications.

Our machining capabilities extend across a diverse array of operations, accommodating both intricate and straightforward tasks on our meticulously forged components. This versatility ensures that we can seamlessly fulfil the most complex machining requirements with precision and expertise.

Customer Satisfaction
The true advantage of opting for our combined forging and machining services becomes evident in the appreciation we receive from our customers. They benefit not only from the technical proficiency of our skilled team but also from the convenience of obtaining complete parts from a single, reliable source. This integration enhances communication, elevates quality standards, reduces lead times, and optimises overall costs

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Short to High Volume Runs

Our range of CNC machines allows us to cater for low to high volume production runs in varying degrees of complexity.

Complex Parts

Experience Cerro EMS for complex part production in a single operation. Streamlined efficiency for intricate components, minimising time and costs.

High Precision

High precision machining meets cost-effectiveness, ensuring quality without compromising your budget.


Choose Cerro EMS for machining efficiency. Experience short cycle times and quick setup for prompt and precise job completion using the latest in lean techniques.

3D Printing & Simulation

Simulation and 3D modelling helps us to work with you to optimise your designs right at the start of the engineering process.

We can predict product behaviour, test innovative concepts, and validate products to better understand the implications of your design choices, all before manufacturing begins – saving you time, money and resource.

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