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Delivering efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness as standard.

We prioritise processes, optimise material performance, and accommodate for complex geometries, therefore ensuring tight tolerances.

If you need high-quality, intricately shaped components which minimise production costs and adhere to stringent quality standards speak to us today.

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Why Cerro EMS is The Right Choice

Certifications Managed

Certifications managed for you – save time, ensure compliance, and enjoy peace of mind with a streamlined and efficient certification process

Approvals Secured

Let us seek and secure approvals for you. Gain a bonus of time saved, expert navigation, and hassle-free compliance management.

Engineering Collaboration

Experience the benefits of engineering collaboration. Work with a team of experts for innovative solutions, efficiency, and successful project outcomes.


Opt for non-ferrous materials expertise. Our proficiency in aluminium, brass, copper, and more ensures precision, versatility, and quality outcomes.

3D Printing & Simulation

Simulation and 3D modelling helps us to work with you to optimise your designs right at the start of the engineering process.

We can predict product behaviour, test innovative concepts, and validate products to better understand the implications of your design choices, all before manufacturing begins – saving you time, money and resource.

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