Other Meter Components


Straight Connector

SizeProduct NumberReference Number
1" x 28mmSAP 792BP00403M

Meter Caps

Female BS 746 Thread. Supplied with or without washers.

SizeProduct NumberReference Number
¾"SAP 743BP00861M
1"SAP 744BP00861M
1 ¼"SAP 3745BP00856M
1 ½"SAP 3746BP00856M
2"SAP 745BP00858M

Octagonal Bush

BSPT Male x BSPT Female

SizeProduct NumberReference Number
½" x 1⁄8"SAP 971BP00787M
½" x ¼"SAP 2178BP00783M

Compression Stop End

Adaptor BS 746

SizeProduct NumberReference Number
15mmSAP 810BP00711
15mmSAP 811BP00712

Washers Union BS746

SizeProduct NumberReference Number
¾"SAP 1912BP00332
1"SAP 1913BP00333
1 ¼"SAP 1914BP00334
1 ½"SAP 1915BP00334
2"SAP 1916BP00336

Adaptor Washers

SizeProduct NumberReference Number
¾"SAP 1917SAP 537
1"SAP 1918BP00342
1 ¼"SAP 1919BP00343
1 ½"SAP 1920BP00344
2"SAP 537BP00345

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